Friday, November 21, 2008

Genesis 450PE 3D RC Helicopter

The 2.4GHz Genesis 450PE (Premium Edition) is a 100% RTF (Ready-to-Fly) 3D rc helicopter which features the highest quality aluminum rotor head and tail system. It uses thrust bearings and a 4mm feathering shaft in the main rotor holders for very smooth rotation under high speed. During hard core 3D flight, its actions are very quick and precise. The Genesis 450PE is combined with the Alpha 400 high torque brushless motor and 30A Volcano Speed controller for great power and efficiency. Also included in this ready-to-fly kit is a 11.1v Lithium battery with 1800mAh and 20C rating. The CNC precision cut frame on this heli improving rigidity and its perfect design makes loops and rolls more controlled. The improved direct Cyclic collective Pitch Mixing or CCPM system allows simultaneous power-saving control of AILE, ELEV, PIT servos. The tail design with dual ball bearings gives you the absolute smoothest pitch motion and makes your gyro more efficient. Aluminum alloy drive pulley and tail drive pulley, add strength and durability to the tail belt system. When it comes to gear, it is absolutely quiet! The belt actually goes on the main gear! There is no secondary gear to mess with or make noise. It is real smooth, They fly with authority yet are light and very nimble. Included, INA German one-way bearing, high strength ball links and stainless steel linkage balls on the whole unit, featuring wear resistance, and anti-oxidization. This new Exceed RC Genesis 450PE really is the highest quality 450 size heli you can get.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

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